Domaine Meriwether

2001 Brut Rose Cuvee

2001 Brut Rose Prestige CuveeDomaine Meriwether has again released a limited production Prestige Rose from this superb 2001 vintage. Following the centuries old protocols of leading houses in Champagne such as Gosset, Tattinger and Billecart-Salmon, this wine begins life as our Prestige Cuvee (Thomas Jefferson) and is transformed into this spectacular Rose through the addition of a small amount of our reserve Pinot Noir red wine. Light salmon-pink in color, our Prestige Rose is a perfect expression of the elegance of Pinot Noir and the value of age in a fine Methode Champenois. Perhaps, the finest wine we have ever produced.

BLEND: Pinot Noir 85%, Chardonnay  15%

PRESSING: This wine is made from the finest of our first pressing!

FERMENTATION: Fermented in small lots in French oak barrels.

AGING: After bottling, this Cuvee undergoes a minimum of 6 years on the yeast

DOSAGE: fairly light, 6 gr/L

WINEMAKER’S NOTES: Lovely pink color, enhanced by the gentle mousse forming a lasting crown. As might be expected from the best Willamette Valley Pinot, the aromas are highlighted with fresh strawberries and a toasty caramel undertone. These notes give way to red fruit on the palate with subtle hints of spice. Lovely acidity.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve often! What more can be said. This wine will pair well with almost anything you can create. It has a way of enhancing the components of nearly any meal and, on it’s own, will make anyone feel special. The only down side is the limited production of this wine. Enjoy it while you can.

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