Wine Decanter

Should you decant wine?

Whether or not you should decant wine has been a debate in the realms of wine lovers for a long time. Decanting advocates say that decanting wine in a lot of cases can bring out certain aromas that have been withdrawn especially in older wines. Opponents of the practice say that decanting often exposes the wine to too much oxygen which can waste certain flavors. The perspectives on the decanting of wine seem to vary from person to person. One thing nearly every wine connoisseur agrees on is that aged Bordeaux, vintage port wines and other wines that throw off significant sediment benefit from decanting and virtually need it for you to enjoy a nice and clear glass of such wines. For all other wine types and even some champagne types, the debate continues. To give you a clear view of the matter, we will fill you in and answer some questions commonly asked about wine decanting.

What is the purpose of a wine decanter?

A wine decanter is a vessel (usually made out of glass) with a wide and rounded base that is used to pour wine in form another vessel (usually a wine bottle). This is done for several reasons. The most practically agreed on reason is to get rid of the sediment that builds upon the bottom of some wines. By slowly pouring the wine from the bottle to a decanter, you prevent the sediment from being poured into the wine glasses. Sediment in your wineglass does not Look good in a glass and often harms the taste. The second reason to decant wine is to expose it to oxygen. This is also the reason why many wine drinkers swirl their wine glass before drinking it. By slowly pouring the wine in a wine decanter, the exposure to the air can bring out aromas and flavors that would otherwise have faded in the background. Some wines may have a negative effect on this practice. An example would be an old red Burgundy. A solution could be to decant the wine half a day before you plan on drinking it. This gives the wine time to settle again in the wine decanter and this allows some of the oxygen to escape. You shouldn’t let the wine sit in the decanter for too long or it will go bad. This brings to the next question.

How long does wine last in a decanter?

If you plan on storing your wine in a decanter, be sure to drink it within 2 to 3 days after storing or the wine could go bad. This is due to the larger surface area exposed to oxygen. However, you can pour the wine back from the decanter into the bottle. This decreases the surface area and will consequently lengthen the time your wine will stay drinkable. If you pour the wine back from your decanter. and you want to store it even longer. You will want to use a vacuum pump, so there is even less to no oxygen that can make your wine go bad.

Which wine decanter is the best?

Wine decanters come in all shapes and sizes and the best wine decanter for you completely depends on what your preferences regarding decanting. If you are new to wine decanting, we recommend you experiment a bit with different wines before or after you use a decanter. With that in mind, here are the three best wine decanters available today:

  • A twist wine decanter

This type of wine decanter has a stylish design that ensures the wine gets enough contact with the air when you pour it in.

  • Chateau Wine Decanter

If you are looking for a more classic type of wine decanter, this is the one for you. It has a simple design with a very wide base and a long neck.

  • Riedel Amedeo Wine Decanter

This elegant model has two sprouts with one to pour the wine in and the other perfect for pouring the wine in your glass.

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Wine Tasting

Who is consider wine lovers?

The people who love to try different types of wine are considered wine lovers. These are the people who go to different wine tasting tours all over the world. The wines you will try at Melbourne will probably be different from the ones you try in other countries. It is great to switch to wine instead of beer or cocktails since wine is much healthier. You can’t blame yourself if you want to have some drinks after getting stressed at work. This is the best solution and some people can even drink an entire bottle of wine and not get affected a bit. Wine is known to contain more alcohol than beer though. It is also known to be the drink of the older generation so you will rarely find young people consuming this drink. There is nobody who is born a wine lover as some people suddenly like it once they taste it and find out its health benefits. Some are sick of drinking beer because it gets them fat and they want a healthy alternative to it.

What are the steps to a wine tasting?

It will include a tour all over the vineyards. There are times when the boutique wine tour Yarra valley will even include a tour guide who will give you an educational speech. Most tours come with food as it is better to eat something while drinking wine. The wine tasting part is usually the last part of the tour. Some people may have a low tolerance to alcohol so they may not want to do the rest of the tour anymore if they drink wine at the start. Don’t worry though as the serving won’t be high. It is called wine tasting for a reason.

Where is the best wine tasting place in Melbourne? Why?

The wine tasting tours at Melbourne will take you to some nice places and the most lauded one is Yarra Valley Wine and Winery Tour. There will be a wine guide who will guide you through different wineries. Depending on the weather, it can get very tiring so better bring a couple of extra shirts just in case. Yarra Valley is pretty nice as you will try different wines while having a great view. At the beginning of the tour, you will savour the sunrise with some relaxing tea. This is a tour you would not want to miss while you are in Australia. Yes, there are other places to visit like the Bright Bath boxes but wine lovers should not miss this one. This is one of those tours that have a ton of highlights so you will have a lot to look forward to. For some people, the wine tasting is not even the best part. This is a day tour so there is no need to worry about whether you will like your accommodation or not. You may even get back to your hotel earlier than expected.

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Corporate events in Meriwether Wines

Corporate events are events held by a business entity for various reasons such as launching a new product, rewarding staff members and connecting with clients. They include seminars, meetings, and launch events.

What is a corporate event?
A corporate event is any form of social activity or event funded or organized by a business organization, stated Wedding Celebrant Sydney. The concept of organizing and planning corporate events developed to launch new products, create new leads and reward business partners and employees for their work. Business entities also organize these events to motivate, educate, mark key milestones, celebrate, reward and encourage collaboration.

Different types of corporate events in Meriwether Wines

Trade shows and exhibitions
A trade show is a type of corporate event held by large business organizations. Business entities rent space within the large scale event area to promote their services or products to their potential customers. They may include multiple vendors whose operational area falls under the same industry being represented at the trade expo. Companies attend these events to connect with suppliers and reach out to other members of an industry. A business organization attending an exhibition will require exhibition stands, promotional materials, motivated sales team and a specific method of engaging and enticing customers to their stand.

A conference is a networking event where business professionals operating under the same sector meet with one another to discuss future business collaborations and opportunities. They also offer an opportunity for professionals to connect and learn from one another on a specific topic or theme. Attendees at a conference are kept at the same time and place where they learn from different lectures. This allows them to learn and prioritize according to their interests and learn from diverse business professionals. Thus a conference is a highly concentrated learning event that brings professionals together to interact, share ideas and directly teach one another.

Team building
Team building is an event aimed at encouraging employees to work together, improve their communication skills and boost their morale and confidence. They include activities such as working together to solve a complex outdoor obstacle, solving riddles and mental puzzles as a team. The type of activity or team-building exercise that a corporate entity chooses depends on the skills that a company is trying to foster among employees, general common interests and physical fitness.

How to manage corporate events
Management of events is an incredible experience whether it’s wedding event, party or a formal corporate event.

Some of the ways to manage a corporate event include:

Ensure everything is set up
The event manager should arrive first at the event to oversee that the preparation is going well according to plan. The manager should also assist those who require any assistance and give out the necessary directives to make the event a success. The files and the program line up should also be set and ready.

The event manager should have a back-up plan just in case something does not fall according to plan. Sometimes things can happen and they are unpredictable, for instance when the lights go out on an event there should be a back-up generator in place to ensure that the event still goes ahead. This ensures that the event held runs smoothly and successfully. The event manager should also keep everyone updated on any suggestions, comments or ideas among the members in the event.

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