Wine Decanter

Should you decant wine?

Whether or not you should decant wine has been a debate in the realms of wine lovers for a long time. Decanting advocates say that decanting wine in a lot of cases can bring out certain aromas that have been withdrawn especially in older wines. Opponents of the practice say that decanting often exposes the wine to too much oxygen which can waste certain flavors. The perspectives on the decanting of wine seem to vary from person to person. One thing nearly every wine connoisseur agrees on is that aged Bordeaux, vintage port wines and other wines that throw off significant sediment benefit from decanting and virtually need it for you to enjoy a nice and clear glass of such wines. For all other wine types and even some champagne types, the debate continues. To give you a clear view of the matter, we will fill you in and answer some questions commonly asked about wine decanting.

What is the purpose of a wine decanter?

A wine decanter is a vessel (usually made out of glass) with a wide and rounded base that is used to pour wine in form another vessel (usually a wine bottle). This is done for several reasons. The most practically agreed on reason is to get rid of the sediment that builds upon the bottom of some wines. By slowly pouring the wine from the bottle to a decanter, you prevent the sediment from being poured into the wine glasses. Sediment in your wineglass does not Look good in a glass and often harms the taste. The second reason to decant wine is to expose it to oxygen. This is also the reason why many wine drinkers swirl their wine glass before drinking it. By slowly pouring the wine in a wine decanter, the exposure to the air can bring out aromas and flavors that would otherwise have faded in the background. Some wines may have a negative effect on this practice. An example would be an old red Burgundy. A solution could be to decant the wine half a day before you plan on drinking it. This gives the wine time to settle again in the wine decanter and this allows some of the oxygen to escape. You shouldn’t let the wine sit in the decanter for too long or it will go bad. This brings to the next question.

How long does wine last in a decanter?

If you plan on storing your wine in a decanter, be sure to drink it within 2 to 3 days after storing or the wine could go bad. This is due to the larger surface area exposed to oxygen. However, you can pour the wine back from the decanter into the bottle. This decreases the surface area and will consequently lengthen the time your wine will stay drinkable. If you pour the wine back from your decanter. and you want to store it even longer. You will want to use a vacuum pump, so there is even less to no oxygen that can make your wine go bad.

Which wine decanter is the best?

Wine decanters come in all shapes and sizes and the best wine decanter for you completely depends on what your preferences regarding decanting. If you are new to wine decanting, we recommend you experiment a bit with different wines before or after you use a decanter. With that in mind, here are the three best wine decanters available today:

  • A twist wine decanter

This type of wine decanter has a stylish design that ensures the wine gets enough contact with the air when you pour it in.

  • Chateau Wine Decanter

If you are looking for a more classic type of wine decanter, this is the one for you. It has a simple design with a very wide base and a long neck.

  • Riedel Amedeo Wine Decanter

This elegant model has two sprouts with one to pour the wine in and the other perfect for pouring the wine in your glass.